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Vicsteam.com | To build and operate a Victorian Railways, Vauclain compound cylinder, V class, 2-8-0.


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 The smokebox barrel of V499 has arrived in Castlemaine!

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WIN News Bendigo V499 Project Steam Locomotive Build

Welcome to the official website of the Victorian Steam Locomotive Company, which will keep you up to date and informed about the V499 Project.

“Whatever the mind can Conceive, and Believe, can be Achieved!”

A powerful statement that many of us would have seen and heard over the years and one that every great achiever has known, from athletes and artists to builders and the railway preservation industry. This statement can be said to be true for those who in 1990, muted the idea of building a new A1 class steam locomotive, filling a gap in the preservation of LNER designs. In 2008 their vision was realised after 18 years of hard work, persistence and determination.

This website will provide you with a bevy of information about the V499 Project, from archival photographs, history of the V class locomotives and who the Victorian Steam Locomotive Company is, to an increasing video collection, bi-monthly newsletters and details of our supporters. You will find all the details of how your business can support our project, or how you can donate to us as an individual.

We are building this new locomotive which will have the appearance of the original V class locomotives – in the condition that represents the period 1899-1902. We are planning on providing an efficient, easy-to-maintain and powerful engine that is highly capable for many years of service in the 21st Century. Some examples are: Roller bearings for the wheels, higher grade steel for coupling and connecting rods, original boiler pressure of 200lbs, welded tender (with dummy rivets) and various other improvements.

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