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Vicsteam.com | To build and operate a Victorian Railways, Vauclain compound cylinder, V class, 2-8-0.

Ground-Up Club

Ground-Up Club

The Ground-Up Club will consist of at least 100 members, whose objective is to raise the funds for the cutting, delivery and assembly of the frames for Vauclain Compound locomotive V499.

Members of The Ground-Up Club each donate $1,000 ($250 a month over a period of 4 months) allowing the purchase of the steel and subsequent cutting to take place. In return for this commitment and as well as being the first major contributors to this unique project, members receive these exclusive benefits:

* An invitation to see and follow V499’s first loaded test train
* Reserved VIP seat on V499’s first public train
* 30 inch B&W photo of V499, taken by the Victorian Railways in 1903
* Opportunity to join the team building V499
* First choice of components to sponsor
* Limited edition photograph (signed/numbered) of the official launch photograph of V499
* A cab ride in the locomotive during the ‘supporters thank-you’ day
* A signed certificate to commemorate your involvement with the project
* 10 Years of membership to the V499 Project

This is where it all get’s real – building the frames of V499. One of the most vital parts of the locomotive. This is no longer a pipe dream, or a wouldn’t it be nice to-do… It will happen. However, we do need your assistance.

If you would like any help becoming a member of The Ground-Up Club, or have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at