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Vicsteam.com | To build and operate a Victorian Railways, Vauclain compound cylinder, V class, 2-8-0.

How to Donate

You can help build V499 for as little as $5Au a week!

Be a part of history and assist us in achieving a mile stone in the heritage railway industry in Australia by donating to the V499 Project.

The line drawing of V499 shown on this page indicates (in red) what items we have for the project so far. As time progresses and funds are made available, more parts of V499 will be built and added to this drawing. Items shown in Red are almost complete and items that will appear in Green will signify that item being 100% finished.

You can donate to the V499 Project right now, by simply clicking on the ‘Subscribebutton on the right hand side of your screen. This will take you to Pay Pal where for only $5Au a week ($22Au per calendar month) you can automatically donate to the project.

You can also join the ‘Ground-Up Club’ for $1000 (payable in monthly installments at $250 per month over a 4 month period). This club aims at bringing in the needed funds for the locomotive frames. More information can be found on the ‘Ground-Up Club’ tab in our menu.

Together with your support as well of the support of businesses and companies across the world, the V499 project will succeed.