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Vicsteam.com | To build and operate a Victorian Railways, Vauclain compound cylinder, V class, 2-8-0.

Business Sponsorship

To assist in the construction of V499, we have added a Sponsorship option for businesses who wish to raise a ‘Pound of Steam’ for the V499 Project. For those who are wanting to support us we are offering the following:

$5,000 Business Sponsorship.

For your investment your business will receive a certificate such as this one here, 10 years of advertising through the VSLC on our website, social media pages and also in our bi-monthly newsletter ‘The Compound Chronicle’. You will also be entitled to a photograph of the business owner standing next to the finished locomotive tender unit and locomotive as well as invitations to come down and inspect the build every 6 months. You will also be invited to the launch of the locomotive tender and completed locomotive when it is finished.

As well as all of this you will also receive an unframed 30inch black and white print of the original V499 locomotive, which was taken in 1902.

Every business who sponsors us in this way shall also have the owner/representative involved in a group photograph that will be taken in front of the completed locomotive at the end of the entire build and this will be supplied to your business as an unframed print.

Please email us at info@vicsteam.com to commence your sponsorship of V499.