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Vicsteam.com | To build and operate a Victorian Railways, Vauclain compound cylinder, V class, 2-8-0.

VSLC Membership

After receiving great feedback and suggestions via email and while attending exhibitions and events, we have decided to offer membership for the V499 Project.

There are two options:
1 – Full Membership: $49.95 a year
2 – Associate Membership: $39.95 a year

We are also looking into ‘International Membership’ options.

Members shall be given a membership card with their name and type of membership on it and you will also have the ability to volunteer on the building of V499 when construction commences. You will receive a copy of our digital newsletter, The Compound Chronicle, which is published bi-monthly and each year there will be a report sent out to let you know what has been going on, how much money is coming in, what the expenses are, etc.

We are currently working on designing a key ring, and as a member you will be given one of these too when they have been produced.

To become a member, simply click on the PayPal button on the top right of this screen. The button is on all pages of our website. Payment is taken once a year and will automatically renew every 12 months from the date you joined.

If you would like to be a part of our exciting project and become a member, your contribution is very much appreciated. We can only get parts of the locomotive built as and when we have the funds available in our bank account. The more supporters, benefactors and members that support us, the quicker the build will be.

*Please be aware though that no voting rights are given to members, nor do members have input into the design and modifications of the locomotive. These rights are purely for the
directors of the VSLC and the hand-picked V499 Project board.